Chairman: Corey Pulido

ECU Teacher at East Carolina University


(252) 626-2806

“I joined in hopes for building a connection with the community, and to provide new eyes from a younger generation. I’d like to spark a movement or change in Ayden’s community.

Financial Chair: Pam Justice

Branch Manage at Southern Bank of Ayden

326 3rd Street

“I work for a small, community bank that encourages involvement in the local communities as a way to give back to the for all they give to us.”

Executive director: Jimmy Adams

As the Director of the Chamber I want to see Ayden grow from a business point of view without losing the small-town charm and attracting new business to town is an important part of that process.  I’m also looking forward to helping the citizens of Ayden connect with the community events that are happening around town so that we can all be excited about the growth that is about to happen here.

Ex Officio:

Stephen Smith, Town of Ayden

 Planning Director for Town of Ayden
4061 East Ave, Ayden, NC 28513

(252) 481-5828

“I was appointed to the Ayden Chamber Board by the Town of Ayden Commissioners. I serve as an ex-officio member and serve as a liaison between the Town and the Chamber.”

Lauren White, Pitt County 

“I’m serving in the Ayden Chamber Board as the District 6 Commissioner. Ayden is the heart of District 6 and a beautiful place that Pitt County should be proud of. From the historic homes and canopy of trees on 3rd St., the Collard and Q festivals downtown, and being the BBQ of the world, Ayden is a special place to us all. I’m serving because I want to be a part of making Ayden a vibrant community for residents and a hospitable growing environment for business. “


Cindy Goff

The Chamber of Commerce works in unison with local businesses, townspeople and town government for the prosperity and benefit of the community. To that end is why I chose to be involved with the Ayden Chamber of Commerce as a member and a board member to contribute to the betterment and growth of our town. 

Emily Hines

I make Ayden, North Carolina my home because my husband and his family are from Ayden.  They began the Dixie Queen Seafood restaurant in Winterville and Farmville back in 1974, the year I was born.  Great things happen in Ayden.  I have raised my children here and they have graduated from an excellent school system at Ayden Grifton High School.  There is so much to offer in such a small town, and I love that I don’t have to leave it.  I want to make it stronger anyway that I can, and I love helping small business through the Chamber and my own field of selling radio.

Tyler Weir


Gwen Yiznitsky

Owner of Gwendy’s Goodies

Work Address: 514 SR Second St.Email is

Phone number is (252) 414-8716

“I am excited to be a chamber member because it is vital in Ayden’s economic growth. I’m hopeful as a member to help build the growing chamber community. I think it is helping to spur revitalization of downtown Ayden, and growth for all of Ayden’s business community.

At-Large Directors:

Nichole Brown


Chena Cayton

I am very excited to be on the Ayden Chamber Board.  As the principal of Ayden-Grifton High School, I am very vested in both the Ayden and Grifton communities.  I strive to ensure our students become productive citizens who will contribute to our communities. 

Todd Dail